Chemical Peel is a process used to improve skin tone and texture, diminish fine lines, reduce brown spots and treat acne. Chemical peels are great for re-texturizing, brightening the skin for a fresh new look and may also remove pre-cancerous skin growths.

Not all Chemical peels are the same. There is a large difference between salon facial peels and medical peels. Medical Grade peels allow for a higher concentration of chemicals that allow the dermal layer to actually receive the benefits associated with these treatments.

Medical Grade chemical peels are intended for serious skin irregularities such as deep-set lines, severe hyperpigmentation, scars or prematurely aged skin. Patients can expect dramatic skin rejuvenation results from a Medical Grade chemical peel, whether it be applied to the entire face or just specific areas that are plagued by wrinkles, such as the lip area and eyes.

The recovery time of a Medical Grade TCA peel depends greatly upon the location of the peel application, the specific type of acid used and the reaction of the skin to the peel formulation—issues all of which are thoroughly reviewed with a skin examination during the consultation with Dr Jeanne Botha and Erika. Typically, patients will experience redness, peeling and itching for a three to six days following the procedure.

In contrast to the TCA peels, lighter strength chemical peels, available at the Dr Jeanne Botha’s rooms, are also an excellent option for those seeking to improve minimally damaged skin complexions with less downtime. These facial treatments are regularly performed every three to four weeks.

Realistic Goals Of Chemical Peels

Unrealistic Goals Of Chemical Peels

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